Earn Free Google Play Codes 2021

Earn Google Play Gift Card by completing simple offers, filling out surveys, and playing games.

Have fun and earn Gift Card :)

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Easy Ways to Earn Gift Cards

Google Play gift card code can be earned for free on GPrizes. It is one of the most awaited features for many online users.

You can follow these simple methods to receive Google Play codes after performing certain tasks like completing offers, spinning wheels, daily logins, and also by sharing it with your friends or family members.


Earn Points

Earn points by simply completing offers. You can also receive extra points using daily gifts or bonus prizes.


Use OfferWalls

You can find complete offers within OfferWalls and receive more points quickly after the successful completion of offers.


Spin and Win

With the help of Spin and Win, This option is even considered the best preferred choice for you to receive more points faster.


Daily Login

Simply log in to Gprizes on a regular basis and get random points between 1 to 5.


Refer and Earn

Tell about GPrizes to your friends and family or share the link with them to receive 10 points easily.


Redeem Points

If you have enough points, then you are eligible to redeem points and receive free Google Play gift.

What is GPrizes?

GPrizes is a website that helps you to earn Google Play gift cards for free of cost, especially for those who are not able to find a genuine one in their country.


There are many online users who struggle to find the exact and genuine website for earning free gifts cards then Gprizes is a perfect place for them.

It was developed uniquely for delivering free gift cards to the right people and with the right intention. So, Let's earn points on our website and redeem Google Play gift cards as much as you wish for.

Also, this is only possible when you have enough time to spend on website so to accomplish the task of receiving offers and gift cards.

Start Earning Now

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How to earn Google Play gift cards on Gprizes for free?

When we usually say free, Firstly, remember that nothing comes completely for free. Everything has its own unique way of dealing, and here it is, your "your time."

Yes, and that's what it matters as all we demand here is your time. Thus, by investing some of your quality time on GPrizes, you can receive Google Play gift cards absolutely for free.

All you can do is play our games, perform a few surveys, download and install the applications, and perform many more things. But one thing is to be considered is that you have to adhere to our rules and regulation only then you can start receiving points and that consequently, will let you earn Google Play gift cards for free.

How to redeem your points on GPrizes?

At times, after you have successfully performed the task assigned to you and started receiving points, then you finally start bothering about redeeming those points.

Well, that is too simple and easy to perform. You can simply exchange your points to earn Google Play gift cards in redeem section found inside the dashboard.

Also, note that it is a bit time-consuming yet simple to earn more points to redeem a gift card. It may take around 24-48 office hours for us to deliver the gift card code to you. However, it is assumed that you are likely to receive it as early as possible.

Redeem Gift card codes are sent to your registered email address with 48 hours.